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The What You Do Matters Institute (WYDMI) is led and guided by respected and experienced law enforcement professionals who have spent years improving, revising, and teaching the WYDM course to thousands of their colleagues across the United States. WYDMI is structured with a Director and an advisory board.

“This museum will touch the life of everyone who enters and leave everyone forever changed — 
a place of deep sadness and a sanctuary of bright hope; an ally of education against ignorance, 
of humility against arrogance, an investment in a secure future against whatever insanity lurks ahead. 
If this museum can mobilize morality, then those who have perished will thereby gain a measure of immortality.” 

William J. Clinton

42nd President of the United States, Dedication Ceremonies for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, April 22, 1993

Todd Larson, Ed.D., MSL, FABC

Advisory Board:

  • Jon Eliason,
    Deputy, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Arizona
  • Jason Kalish, Bureau Chief,
    Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Arizona
  • David Moore, Lieutenant,
    Phoenix Police Department, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Elizabeth Ortiz, Executive Director,
    Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Committee, Arizona
  • Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney, Arizona