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“Through this training, our officers learn about the importance of credibility with all groups in our communities and just how tragic events can turn when they compromise that public trust with even minor indiscretions.”

Doug Bartosh

Former Chief, Scottsdale Police Department

“The framework within which I make decisions and take action—ethical, leadership, personal and professional—is based on the training I have received on the Lessons from the Holocaust. This training is the most provocative and important training I have ever received in thirty-five years as an attorney.”

Sheila Polk

Yavapai County Attorney

“This training powerfully reminds us of law enforcement’s unique role in defending and protecting the individual rights and liberties in our Constitution, and our essential role in our democracy.”

Scott Mascher

former Yavapai County Sheriff

“This training helps me realize that, despite my intentions, even small, somewhat insignificant things that I do can have a huge impact on perceptions that others may have of me and my profession. Every officer and prosecutor who takes this class comes out realizing that What They Do Matters, not just sometimes, but all the time.”

Michael Thompson

Chief of Police, Arizona State University

“To be a student of history is to prevent the mistakes of the past for a brighter tomorrow.  Lessons from the Holocaust remind us how our everyday actions affect not only our citizens but ourselves. If you only make one training this year, make it this one!”

Raul Fiveash

Sergeant, Yuma Police Department

The What You Do Matters Course crystallized the basic—yet vital—foundational principle of doing the right thing all day, every day.  As Ministers of Justice, prosecutors and police officers have the responsibility to model that principle in every aspect of our lives.”

Elizabeth Ortiz

Executive Director, APAAC

“The What You Do Matters Course provides a unique opportunity for personal reflection and assessment through the study of the actions of German police in the years leading up to the Holocaust. Identifying the lessons learned from this history provides officers with valuable insight into their important role in our society.”

David Moore

Lieutenant, Phoenix Police Department

“I attended your course a few years ago through AZ POST and found it to be one of the most morally valuable courses of instruction I have received in my 30-year career in law enforcement.”

Al Reble

Supervisory Deputy , United States Marshals Service

“Your message is of the utmost importance to ensure this never happens again. It is one of the best trainings I have ever attended.”

Sheriff Todd Hood

Madison County Sheriff’s Office, New York

“As a career long prosecutor and law enforcement trainer, this course is unequivocally the best course for any prosecution and police agency.  This course not only provides you with information that you can use every day, but also allows you to examine yourself as you navigate working collectively with your community.”

Imran Ali

Senior Director of Training, Consulting, and Investigation Services, Eckberg Lammers